South Australia’s first truly integrated infrastructure strategy

The quality of South Australia’s infrastructure is critical to its economic performance and social capital and the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy represents a new discipline for infrastructure planning and development.

This inaugural Strategy sets the long-term strategic direction and initial priorities for infrastructure development in South Australia, which will be built upon in future iterations.

The Strategy takes a statewide view and aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Sustained economic and jobs growth
  • Planned population growth
  • Connected and productive regions
  • A vibrant, global Adelaide
  • Enviable liveability.

It has been informed by broad consultation with industry, community groups and within government. Infrastructure SA participated in various interactive sessions with industry groups and key stakeholders as well as community consultation undertaken as part of the Government’s regional development strategy. There were also over 100 submissions received in response to the Strategy Discussion Paper released in June 2019.

Given prioritisation is a key function of Infrastructure SA, the Strategy articulates seven key principles and 38 long-term priorities spanning a range of sectors across the State. There is also an increased focus on resilience and flexibility in light of the bush fires of 2019/20 and the COVID-19 crisis.

The Strategy is available in both a Full version and in a Snapshot format. A list of priority projects consistent with the strategic analysis undertaken is presented in the Capital Intentions Statement.

Download the Full Strategy

Download the Strategy Snapshot