A discussion paper on the development of the State’s first 20-year infrastructure strategy has been announced today by Infrastructure South Australia (ISA) Chairman, Tony Shepherd.

The discussion paper is the first step towards establishing a well-planned, long-term coordinated approach to developing South Australia’s infrastructure.

Community, business, industry and all levels of government are invited to provide feedback on the discussion paper, which establishes baseline economic and social data as well as population projections, trends and the areas of focus such as transport, utilities, health and digital.

“We are very much in the listening phase with this Discussion Paper,” said Mr Shepherd. “We will be taking the advice we receive in response to the Discussion Paper together with sector-wide consultation to develop the State’s first 20-Year Infrastructure Strategy.”

It also poses questions about the role roads, public transport, hospitals, schools, and other physical infrastructure plays in not only supporting, but also in stimulating growth in the State’s economy while enhancing its liveability.

“Infrastructure is critical to supporting growth for the State and long-term, integrated planning will ensure South Australia gets it right,” he said.

Jeremy Conway, CEO of ISA, stressed that submissions in response to the discussion paper will provide important input into the development of the strategy.

“The Strategy will establish a clear path forward for South Australia’s infrastructure to ensure it is well-targeted, properly prioritised well-planned and executed,” said Mr Conway. “It’s important the Strategy is informed by both public and private, regional and metro perspectives to help us determine how different infrastructure projects can interface with each other for more holistic and efficient outcomes.”

ISA, a statutory authority, was set up by the Government last year to ensure that this key economic driver for the whole State is developed in accordance with a rational and dynamic plan which is not affected by political and budget cycles.

“Key state government departments have been involved in pulling together this information and we’re sharing it widely in order to test our understanding and assumptions, as well as spark a constructive dialogue across South Australia that can hopefully lead to some clever and common-sense solutions”.

The 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy is expected to be released in early 2020 and will be reviewed and updated every five years following a further extensive public consultation process.