Infrastructure SA has developed an independent infrastructure Assurance Framework to provide confidence to the Government that its infrastructure program is well planned and managed, and delivers on intended community benefits without duplicating existing processes or unnecessarily burdening agencies.

The framework is similar to those already operating in all other Australian jurisdictions, as well as New Zealand, the UK, Norway and Canada. The Infrastructure SA Assurance Framework (ISAAF) has been designed in consultation with key central and line agencies. It applies to all major capital infrastructure projects or programs delivered by the State’s Agencies, State-Owned Corporations, Government Business Enterprises and any other infrastructure project or program as determined by the Premier.

The ISAAF applies to:

  • infrastructure projects with an estimated capital cost of $50 million or more
  • infrastructure projects, ranking level two and above using the project risk level calculator
  • new infrastructure programs with an estimated capital cost of $50 million or more per year, and
  • infrastructure projects or programs as may be directed by Premier or as requested by an agency.

View the ISA Assurance Framework.