An annual action plan that addresses shorter-term priorities

The Capital Intentions Statement (CIS) is a five-year rolling annual plan that identifies specific major projects or programs to be undertaken as a priority in South Australia. These initiatives are:

  • limited to those submitted to Infrastructure SA for assessment by state agencies or local councils
  • generally over $50 million in value
  • contingent upon South Australian Government funding - in full or in part.

This annual assessment and its recommendations are designed to assist the State Government to prioritise infrastructure and efficiently allocate capital through the Budget process. It, therefore, doesn't include projects that are already funded in the Budget.

The CIS Framework sets out the different types of outcomes to be achieved by delivering prioritised infrastructure projects, as well as the process for identifying, assessing and prioritising initiatives capable of meeting these outcomes. Find the latest version (2022) here.

Download the 2022 Capital Intentions Statement

Download the 2021 Capital Intentions Statement

Download the 2020 Capital Intentions Statement.

Submit a project for the 2023 CIS

State agencies and other stakeholders wishing to submit a project or program for assessment and possible inclusion in the CIS can utilise the Infrastructure SA Initiative Registration Template.

Submissions can include updates as a progression to infrastructure priorities that were included in the previous CIS releases, initiatives that were previously submitted but which were not sufficiently advanced at the time to be prioritised in a previous CIS, or new unfunded initiatives or projects that may already have funding but where the projected capital investment required is substantially higher than has already been allocated. Submissions can also include potential projects that require further funding in order to complete a business case.

Submissions for the CIS should be provided by email.