To help progress the development of sound business cases for infrastructure projects, ISA has developed specific templates for critical stages in the project initiation, development and assurance process. These have been closely aligned with the ISA Assurance Framework and guidance materials and it is strongly recommended that they are used for best practice project development.

Initiative registration

The Initiative Registration Template below enables proponents to register a project or program to be considered as part of the annual Capital Intentions Statement assessment process or to commence the assurance process.

Download Initiative Registration Template

Assurance Level Calculator

The Assurance Level Calculator enables agencies to undertake an assurance level assessment that combines qualitative criteria and the estimated total State Government financial investment to calculate an assurance level.

Download Assurance Level Calculator

Strategic assessment

The Strategic Assessment Template below supports project or program proponents in establishing the case for change and the investment need underlying the initiative. Effective strategic assessment identifies benefits and outcomes sought and enables better solution option identification and development in the Options Analysis stage. This template is intended to be used to initiate the project (including budget requests) for options analysis and Gate 1: Project Justification review.

Download Strategic Assessment Template

Options analysis

The Options Analysis Template below supports a structured process to identify a shortlist of feasible options to address the identified need. These can be progressed for detailed analysis in the business case stage. This template is intended to be used for developing the project up to the Gate 1: Project Justification review.

Download Options Analysis Template

Business case development

The Business Case Template below supports a detailed assessment of the short-listed solution options progressed from the options analysis stage and enables the recommendation of one option for implementation and an investment decision by Cabinet. This template is intended to be used for developing the project up to the Gate 2: Full Business Case review.

Download Business Case Template

Download Impact Analysis Guide