ISA is taking a bird’s eye view of infrastructure in the state.

South Australia spends well over $1 billion a year on roads, ports and other productive infrastructure. Significant railways, roads, ports, hospitals, schools, sports grounds and utilities are owned and operated by all tiers of government as well as the private sector. The quality of this infrastructure is critical to our economic and social vitality. South Australia’s regions will be an important part of our planning.

Infrastructure SA’s vision is for efficient and evidence-based infrastructure planning and decisions to grow the economy, create jobs and improve liveability for all South Australians.

Our mission is to provide independent advice to government to enable informed and evidence-based decisions on infrastructure planning, investment, delivery and optimisation.

Our role is to ensure better planning and more transparent decision-making for critical public infrastructure projects for the State.

This is critical in responding to pressures arising from population growth, changing demographics and other social issues, and will also be a catalyst for ensuring we remain closely aligned with our values and ideas around liveability, the things that make SA unique.

Established on 26 November 2018 under the Infrastructure SA Act 2018, ISA is an independent advisory body. That means Infrastructure SA is not subject to Ministerial direction in the exercise of its functions or powers except as provided under this or any other Act.

Under our legislation, we are obliged to act independently and we may arrive at a different opinion to other government agencies.