Infrastructure SA will develop a pipeline of projects via Capital Intentions Statements that is consistent with the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy. These will be updated annually and each will encompass a five-year time-frame.

Included in the mix of projects to be considered by Infrastructure SA are the 10 major infrastructure projects identified in the Government’s Strong Plan for SA, which the Premier has asked to be earmarked for analysis:

  1. Completion of the North-South road corridor.
  2. A grain/minerals port on Eyre Peninsula to ensure the optimum location for this facility.
  3. The GlobeLink upgrade of major export infrastructure.
  4. An extension of tram services in the CBD.
  5. An underground rail link in the CBD between the northern and southern train lines.
  6. Completion of the Gawler Rail Electrification.
  7. An extension of the O-Bahn between Tea Tree Plaza Interchange and Golden Grove.
  8. Grade separations at major metropolitan intersections to enable removal of level crossings – prioritising projects based on their capacity to reduce traffic congestion and boost productivity.
  9. Infrastructure development on Le Fevre Peninsula including light rail, commercial, retail, residential and recreational development to accommodate the needs of the Naval Shipbuilding Program at Osborne.
  10. Sealing the Strzelecki Track.

In addition, Infrastructure SA has also been asked to analyse the following major non-transport infrastructure initiatives:

  1. The roll out of additional affordable housing opportunities.
  2. Increased capacity of South Australia’s prisons.
  3. New court infrastructure including the use of modern technology and satellite courts.

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