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Regency Road to Pym Street

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North–South Corridor, Regency Road to Pym Street Project Announcement

On, Tuesday 1 May 2018, the South Australian and Australian Governments announced joint funding for the construction of a new section of the North-South Corridor, Regency Road to Pym Street,  connecting the already completed South Road Superway and the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project that is due for completion later this year. Once the Torrens Road to River Torrens and Northern Connector Projects have been completed in 2018 and 2019, the Regency Road to Pym Street Project will complete a 47km non-stop free flow roadway between Gawler and the River Torrens.

The Australian and South Australian Governments have committed $354m to construct the Regency Road to Pym Street Project as part of their overall commitment to deliver a non-stop North-South Corridor.

The project comprises three lanes in each direction with access for all movements to the non-stop motorway provided at Regency Road.

Safety and travel efficiency will be significantly improved by a north-south non-stop free flow road way which includes the construction of an overpass over the Regency Road intersection. The project will also provide for access to the industrial and recreational areas to the east and west of South Road and to the adjoining residential properties.

The concept design includes:

  • A 1.8 kilometre section of non-stop roadway, providing three lanes in each direction
  • An overpass over Regency Road
  • Left in and left out only access at Pym Street
  • Full access to and from the non-stop motorway at Regency Road
  • Intersection upgrades at Regency Road
  • Two lanes in each direction on the South Road surface road to provide access to the surrounding community and local businesses
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • A new grade separated pedestrian and cycle overpass over South Road in the vicinity of Pym Street
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required)

The project will deliver the following benefits:

  • completes a continuous 47 kilometre non-stop section of the North-South Corridor between Gawler and the River Torrens
  • travel time savings (of up to 8 minutes) between Regency Road and Pym Street
  • avoid north-south delays at two (2) signalised junctions
  • supports an average 210 full time equivalent jobs per year
  • provides efficient and reliable travel
  • promotes active travel and links communities
  • provides a safer road network for all road users including drivers, passengers, motor cyclists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • allows more efficient access to and from key freight areas of the National Land Transport Network, the Port of Adelaide, the industrial north-west sector of Adelaide and Adelaide Airport

While the design for this project is at preliminary concept stage only, further consultation with landowners, local and state government agencies will need to occur as the design and alignment of the road corridor continues to be refined.

In the coming months we will be organising opportunities for you to view project details and ask questions of the project team. Details will be provided when they are available.

Our project team aims to contact all potentially affected stakeholders over the coming weeks, and we will either call or door-knock to arrange a convenient time and place to meet and provide further information on how you may be affected.

In the meantime, please telephone 1300 915 702 if you have an enquiry of our project team or email us at

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