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Kings/Bolivar Intersection Realignment

Kings/Bolivar Intersection Realignment Overview

The intersection of Bolivar Road and Kings Road in Adelaide’s north forms a key link between Port Wakefield Road and the predominantly residential suburbs of Paralowie, Burton and Salisbury North. Recent traffic volume estimates suggest that this portion of Bolivar Road currently caters for around 17,000 vehicles per day, with volumes on Kings Road slightly lower at approximately 11,100 vehicles per day. Both of these arterial roads are classified as high frequency public transport corridors.

Why is the Kings/Bolivar intersection being changed?

A safety issue has been identified at the site, resulting from the uncontrolled nature of the right turn movement from Kings Road onto Bolivar Road. A total of twelve casualty crashes (defined as crashes which result in death and/or injury) occurred at the site between the five year period from 2008-2012. The crash history has classified the site as a Black Spot.

Traffic modelling assessments have indicated that the junction is currently performing at capacity and traffic demand on Kings Road and Bolivar road are expected to increase in the future.

This project will be delivered as an ‘early works’ component of the Northern Connector Project, with construction expected to begin in January 2016.

What options for upgrading the intersection were looked at?

A range of safety treatments were investigated, including

  • installation of a Seagull junction
  • installation of a roundabout at the current intersection
  • installation of traffic signals
  • a ‘modified’ channelisation upgrade
  • a full realignment of each road combined with the installation of a roundabout at the new intersection site.

Ultimately, a decision was made to proceed with the full realignment option to maximise safety benefits and additionally cater for future traffic volumes attributed with the completion of the nearby Northern Connector in late 2019.

Is any property acquisition required?

No property acquisition is required to undertake the re-alignment. Land required is already under the control of the Commissioner of Highways.

How long will construction take?

Construction is expected to take place between February 2016 and July 2016.

How is traffic noise assessed?

The Road Traffic Noise Guidelines are used to assess and treat the impacts of road traffic noise from infrastructure projects involving new roads or major upgrades of existing roads. They set the desirable range of outdoor and indoor noise levels at receivers such as residential dwellings.

The first step in assessing traffic noise is to measure the existing noise environment by placing noise measuring devices at various locations along the proposed route.

The second step is to predict the future traffic noise levels using a computer based noise model.

Where noise modelling shows that these noise criteria will be exceeded, noise management treatments will be incorporated.

What pedestrian and cycling access will there be?

The plan provides several provisions for cyclist and pedestrians:

  • shared use pedestrian and cycle path
  • footpaths and pedestrian crossings
  • on-road bike lanes and paths for cyclists to avoid the roundabout

What will happen with the land surrounding the new road after it is completed?

DPTI will work with Council to determine options for landscaping and use of remaining land.

What will happen to bus stop 43 on Kings Road?

Bus stop 43 Kings Road (both sides) will be relocated  on the newly aligned section of Kings Road near Melvina Road. This location was selected to provide the best pedestrian access from the adjacent residential area.

Where will pedestrians cross the newly aligned roads?

There will be four pedestrian crossings located on the newly aligned roads; three located at the round-about and one located just east of Melvina Road near the relocated bus stop 43.

All crossings will have pedestrian refuge islands (median islands that provide a location for pedestrians to safely wait for a gap in the traffic so they can finish crossing the road).

Kings/Bolivar Road Intersection Realignment 70 % design

Community and stakeholder feedback is currently being considered by the Northern Connector project team and will more than likely result in changes to the design. As the design progresses we will continue to update the website. View the re-alignment design here (PDF, 5948 KB).