The 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper has been published and public submissions received can be viewed here.

Infrastructure SA has undertaken active consultation to test its thinking in market, bringing together both public and private perspectives and operate transparently to make recommendations about future infrastructure priorities. We have consulted with:

  • all levels of government
  • business and industry leaders, and
  • the community.

This has better enabled us to consider how different infrastructure projects can interface with each other so that what we have is greater than the sum of its parts.

There have been various opportunities for stakeholders to contribute and be involved in the development of the strategy.

Key State Government agencies asked to develop 20-year infrastructure plans.

Agencies commence public consultation as needed, with Infrastructure SA participating as appropriate.

Explorative meetings with business, community and government organisations.

Infrastructure SA is seeking to consider and understand a wide range of perspectives to inform the context for strategy development.

Infrastructure SA releases Discussion Paper for public consultation.

The Paper will provide detailed context for infrastructure in South Australia from a variety of perspectives, including potential opportunities as well as disruptors like technology and climate change, and outline early thinking on ways possible ways forward.

Key State Government agencies submit 20-year plans for their sector.

Infrastructure SA will critically examine these plans and they will inform the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy.

Targeted meetings with business, community and government organisations.

Infrastructure SA will test our thinking in market and identify and fill gaps.