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The Seaford Rail Extension takes the passenger railway line 5.7 km south of Noarlunga Centre, featuring a stunning 1.2 km bridge over the Onkaparinga Estuary. With a hugely successful opening on 23 February 2014.
The Seaford line is the first to be electrified - a mix of diesel 3000 class & electric 4000 class trains now operate from Seaford to Adelaide.
24 hour works at the the Seaford/Tonsley Junction from Easter to ANZAC Day. On completion of this work the Tonsley line will re-open to passenger services by the middle of May 2014.
Marion station pedestrian underpass replaced the 47 year old overpass, and opened on 30 November 2013. Please visit the website for the latest landscaping and public art concepts.
The Belair line is being electrified from Goodwood to Adelaide to provide operational flexibility for Adelaide's new electric train services on the Seaford and Tonsley lines.
Construction of a rail underpass to take the electrified Seaford line below the Belair and freight lines has removed one of the two major bottlenecks in Adelaide's freight network, improving both road and rail waiting times.
The new, permanent Adelaide Showground Station on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road commenced passenger services on 17 February 2014.
A new station at St Clair complements the completed Port Adelaide Viaduct, which included replacement of approximately 600 metres of track, repairs to structural steelwork and minor station upgrades.
A new railway station approximately 8.7 kilometres from Adelaide on the Outer Harbor line has been built between the existing Woodville Station and Cheltenham Parade, to serve the new St Clair development.
After track upgrades, installation of masts and portals, two new stations and six station upgrades, the Gawler line electrification from Adelaide to Salisbury is on hold, pending funding.
Adelaide's first electric train to carry members of the public was introduced into service on 21 Feb 2014. A total of 22 permanently coupled 3-car Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) are being delivered from Dandenong, Victoria.
The Seaford line is electrified and passenger services commenced 23 Feb 2014. Electrification of the Tonsley line is nearly complete and early works have been undertaken on the Gawler line.
The power to the southern railway network has been switched on from Seaford to Adelaide. The overhead wires, their metallic supports and fittings are 'live' and carrying electrical current at all times.
The Community Wildlife Project is working with local communities to establish nesting boxes that combat the loss of habitat caused by vegetation removals.
The Signalling system on the Seaford line has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art system that now includes a centralised computer based interlocking technology. This system upgrade is continuing on the Tonsley line.

Seaford Rail Extension opened 23 February 2014

The Seaford Rail Extension opened on the 23rd of February 2014, with people coming from as far as the Barossa Valley to join the local community to celebrate.  Visit our Multimedia gallery to see photos from the event. 


23 February 2014 Seaford Station Opens


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