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Rail Care

Rail Care - Part of a Healthy Neighbourhood

Rail Care is a new initiative under South Australia’s Safe Communities Healthy Neighbourhoods strategic priority. The program aims to enhance the look and feel of train and tram stations and rail corridors for neighbours and travellers.

Rail Care is coordinating a range of place-based activities working closely with volunteers and other partners such as local councils.

It coordinates and supports many volunteer groups started under the previous Adopt-a-Station program

Rail Care focus areas

The program includes five focus areas:

  1. Station Care
  2. Greening Stations and Corridor Boundaries
  3. General Amenity and Place-making
  4. Public Art
  5. Celebrations & Events

The Rail Care program is complementary to the existing rail maintenance work which includes:

  • Programmed maintenance – litter and waste management, graffiti removal, cleaning, weed control and vegetation management
  • Minor infrastructure upgrades
  • Ensuring stations are safe and accessible
  • Managing risk and responding to emergencies

Completed projects

In its first six months the Rail Care program:

  • Renovated the Outer Harbor Station in time for the cruise ship season
  • Revived the Glanville Station Interchange 1990’s rose beds
  • Supported neighbourhood volunteers coming together to renovate the West Croydon Railway Station’s garden beds. The station platforms also received a makeover with replacement platform shelters, new fencing and new lighting.  The Station’s 100th birthday was marked in December with a well-attended neighbourhood celebration.
  • Held an afternoon tea forum for volunteers to recognise the ongoing efforts of many volunteers caring for many stations across the train and tram networks.
  • Mural panels at Alberton Station, working with KESAB and Western Youth Space
  • Continued to support our dedicated volunteers caring for stations.

View the gallery of Rail Care’s completed projects.

Future work will see further support of new and existing volunteers; more public art including cutting edge murals and sculptures; and more greening and care of station gardens.