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The Project

The O-Bahn City Access Project will extend the O-Bahn system from the end of the busway at Gilberton into the cross-city priority (bus) lanes on Grenfell Street.

From the current O-Bahn exit point at Gilberton, buses will continue via centrally aligned priority bus lanes along Hackney Road.  In addition to the bus-only priority lanes, two traffic lanes and bicycle connectivity in each direction will be maintained. 

A dedicated bus tunnel will be constructed to take buses below the Botanic Road and North Terrace intersection. The priority bus lanes will pass under the parklands along the same route as the old tramway embankment, returning to grade near the East Terrace, Grenfell Street intersection. Following detailed design, the tunnel length has been increased to 670 metres, to reduce the impact on the amenity of Rymill Park

Rundle Road and East Terrace will be reconfigured, to provide improved cycling infrastructure, additional parking spaces and improved pedestrian connectivity. A shared pedestrian/cycling path will be provided on the western side of Hackney Road and will include a new shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge of the River Torrens.


The O-Bahn opened to Paradise on 9 March 1986 and opened to Tea Tree Plaza on 20 August 1989.

In 2014, the Premier announced that $160 million would be provided by the State Government to extend the O-Bahn from Hackney Road into the City.

It is now the most highly patronised public transport corridor in the metropolitan area.

The on-road section of the O-Bahn corridor between Gilberton and Adelaide’s Central Business District (CBD) currently has limited measures to protect public transport services from the effects of road congestion. This congestion impacts on bus services by increasing travel times and increasing the variability of on-time running. Vehicle movements at the Hackney Road/Botanic Road intersection are currently at or approaching capacity, with around 79,000 vehicle movements on an average weekday. Without further intervention, delays currently experienced on this section of the O-Bahn system will increase.

The project will make an important contribution to enhancing the sustainability of our city and improving its liveability.

Key Benefits 

  • Improved travel time and reliability for bus services;
  • Reduced traffic congestion on the Inner Ring Route;
  • Improvements to traffic safety;
  • Improvements to pedestrian and cycling access and safety;
  • Improving the East End business precinct
  • Improved amenity along East Terrace and Frome Road

The benefits obtained by the successful delivery of this project will contribute to achieving the goals contained within the State Government’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan (ITLUP), which identified the need “to improve O-Bahn access to the Adelaide City Centre” as a priority. This improvement to public transport infrastructure also aligns with the State Government’s South Australian Strategic Plan targets, in particular to increase the use of public transport to 10% of metropolitan weekday passenger vehicle kilometres travelled by 2018.


Construction works have been carefully scheduled to avoid conflicts with the major public events and festivals held regularly in the project area.

Vegetation removals are being completed by appropriately qualified arborists in consultation with councils and stakeholders. All efforts are continuously being made to reduce the impact on the Park Lands. Removals will be offset with new landscaping, that will be incorporated into the design of the project and surrounding areas.

Further information about timing will be provided to commuters, local community members and registered stakeholders in advance of these activities commencing.    

Construction program overview

CompleteEast Terrace realignment open to traffic and road resurfacing completed
CompleteRemoval of parking on the western side of Hackney Road
OperationalConstruction of centrally aligned priority bus lanes between Richmond Street and Hackney Road/Botanic Road intersection
OperationalNew (southern) parking area south of Plane Tree Drive now open to traffic.  Minor works (including landscaping and lighting) expected to be completed in first quarter of 2017.
April 2016 to mid-2017Tunnel civil construction
Late 2016East Terrace realignment lighting and final line marking
Late 2016Shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge over the River Torrens
First Quarter of 2017O-Bahn construction of outbound lane from Richmond Street to current O-Bahn track entry point, following Hackney Bridge widening works
First Quarter of 2017Hackney Bridge widening works
First Quarter of 2017Modified right turn from Hackney Road to Park Terrace to be implemented
First Quarter of 2017Park Road widening and changes to the Hackney Road / Bundeys Road intersection for outbound priority bus lane
First Quarter of 2017Right turns at Richmond Street permanently banned
First Quarter of 2017New (northern) parking area and plaza south of Plane Tree Drive
Second Quarter of 2017Right hand turns bans lifted at the intersection of Hackney Road / Botanic Road / North Terrace / Dequetteville Terrace during construction
Second Quarter of 2017U-turn facility to be installed between the tunnel portal and the intersection of Hackney Road and Botanic Road
Second Quarter of 2017Reinstatement of parking on the eastern side of Hackney Road and Dequetteville Terrace between Westbury Street and Little King William Street
Mid 2017 Linear Park paths under the Hackney Bridge re-open
Mid 2017Reinstatement of fountain near East Terrace
Mid 2017New shared use path alongside the Botanic Garden on the western side of Hackney Road
End of 2017Tunnel testing and commissioning

Note: All timing is indicative and is subject to change throughout construction