Port River Expressway (PRExy)

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Port River Expressway Bridges
Community launch - 1 August 2008
 Bridge opening times (from 3 August 2008)

The Port River Expressway (PRExy) links South Australia's major port and rail terminals at the Port of Adelaide directly with the AusLink National Network to Perth and Darwin via Port Wakefield Road, the AusLink National Network to Sydney and Melbourne and the Interstate Mainline rail network.

The Port River Expressway is an important strategic transport route for South Australia, which will contribute to South Australia's economic development by providing an expressway and new road and rail bridge connections across the Port River, linking our export enterprises and industrial areas with key transport routes and facilities. The project also accommodates the vision for the port's future, contributing to the future prosperity of the state's tourism industry and urban regeneration of the Port Adelaide Centre.

The project is one of the key elements in the Strategic Infrastructure Plan for South Australia to improve international links, which will reduce the future costs of trade and support future growth in exports.

The Port River Expressway comprises three stages:

  • Stage 1 consists of a 5.5 kilometre four-lane expressway link between South Road and Francis Street and with overpasses at each of the junctions with South Road, Hanson Road and Eastern Parade.

  • Stage 2 consists of a four lane high-level, opening road bridge across the Port River between Docks 1 and 2, linking with Stage 1 at Francis Street to the east and Victoria Road to the west. Changes will be made to Nelson Street and Semaphore Road to connect to the expressway.

  • Stage 3 consists of a single track, dual gauge, high-level, opening rail bridge across the Port River, north of the road bridge, with connections to the existing rail system.

Stage 1 was opened to traffic in July 2005. Stages 2 and 3 are open from mid 2008. Please view the latest Community Update.

The four lane high-level, opening road bridge across the Port River between Docks 1 and 2, linking Stage 1 at Francis Street to Victoria Road
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