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Oaklands Park Rail Overpass Project Planning

Concept of proposed Oaklands Park Rail OverpassIn September 2011 the department commenced a planning study to investigate the feasibility of a grade separated treatment at the existing Oaklands Park rail level crossing to provide a long term solution to traffic congestion issues in this location.

The planning study was completed in 2012. The planning study identified a preferred option to take the Seaford Rail line over Diagonal and Morphett roads and a concept design of this proposal was displayed at Marion Council offices in September 2012.  

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Oaklands Park Rail Overpass- Comparsion of Options

The Planning Study assessed four grade separation options:  rail over road, rail under road, road over rail and road under rail.
Rail Overpass - The rail overpass is confined to Government owned land, generally within the existing road and rail reserve corridors and does not require acquisition of any private land. This option greatly reduces the physical barrier presented by the existing ground level railway corridor and greatly improves accessibility across the corridor (north-south) by pedestrians, cyclists or road vehicles passing below the elevated structure.
Rail Underpass – As per the rail overpass, this option does not require acquisition of private property, and with the railway line existing in a cutting, provides low visual impact. However, this option has considerable impact on underground utility services and maintains a physical barrier for north-south movements across the rail corridor. Oaklands Station would be located within the underpass cutting, and being less visible to the adjacent roads, properties and open space, would create security issues for users of the public transport facilities.
Road Over Rail – This option would incur significant property acquisition costs and impacts on local businesses (in particular Coles and the Warradale Hotel). Apart from providing a  raised road over the railway line, significant areas of land would be required to ensure road access is also maintained to adjacent local businesses and residents as ground level access still needs to be provided for adjacent properties and local roads. There would also be significant impacts on the configurations of the major Diagonal Rd/Morphett Rd road junctions immediately to the north and south of the elevated section of road. This option would have significant impacts on Diagonal Rd and Morphett Rd traffic during the construction period, as well as the local businesses and houses being accessed from these roads.
Road Under Rail –Similar impacts to the Road over Rail, but with a greater impact on utility services and potential problems with ground water.
Each option was reviewed against specific criteria, including:

  • Cost
  • Environmental i.e. impact on vegetation, fauna, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, water     quality.
  • Community/Social i.e. impact on planning zones/land use, visual amenity, security, noise and vibration.
  • Transport i.e. access and connectivity to local business, residential properties, or through traffic across the various transport modes (including bus/train, car, pedestrians or cyclists)
    Each option was assessed and scored against the range of criteria. The rail overpass option (rail over road) obtained the highest overall score.

Current status

This project is currently not funded to proceed and the planning study has been completed. Should funding be made available by the government to implement this project, a full design would then be undertaken.

Feedback on the planning study outcomes can be provided to us via:

  • Post (no stamp required) to Oaklands Park Rail Overpass Project Planning, Reply Paid 1533, Adelaide, SA, 5001
  • Telephone 1300 782 454 (available 9am to 5pm weekdays with voicemail available outside of these times)
  • Email at: