Environmental Report

An Environmental Report has been prepared to describe the Northern Expressway proposal and evaluate its potential environmental, social and economics effects.

How will environmental effects be considered?

An environmental assessment has been completed that identifies and quantifies the environmental, social and economic effects of the Northern Expressway. The investigations related to technical areas such as:

  • noise
  • air quality
  • cultural heritage
  • flora and fauna
  • visual effect and landscaping
  • water quality and hydrology
  • socio-economic impact
  • land use and planning
  • traffic and transport
  • infrastructure.

The environmental report describes the Northern Expressway, summarises its effects and describes the proposed ways to avoid or minimise any adverse effects.

The construction of a major road infrastructure project will have effects on the community and the environment. The assessments undertaken as part of the Environmental Report have identified a number of environmental management and monitoring measures to help achieve the environmental objectives and to ensure that DPTI is meetings its legislative responsibilities.

The key environmental objectives for the next phase of the project include:

  • minimising the effect on community accessibility, existing land users and properties to be acquired
  • minimising adverse effects on the transport networks
  • minimising the effect of noise and vibration of structures to the local community
  • preventing or minimising disturbance to significant cultural heritage sites
  • minimising negative visual effects and enhancing visual opportunities
  • avoiding contamination of soils and managing contaminated sites
  • preventing pollution of water and maintaining existing natural surface water flow
  • minimising the effects of air quality on the community
  • reducing greenhouse gases associated with the construction and use of the road
  • preventing or minimising disturbance to native vegetation and the spread of weeds and disease
  • preventing or minimising disturbance to native fauna and their habitat.

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been developed for the project. The EMP is a project-specific source document detailing the environmental protection requirements to mitigate and minimise environmental effects. The EMP's primary purpose is to ensure that the environmental requirements and commitments associated with the project are carried forward into the construction and post-construction phase of the project and are effectively managed.
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Fact Sheets

Fact sheets about various technical areas considered as part of the environmental assessment are available. Click below for more information.

Fact sheets