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Glenelg Tram Overpass

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Design solution for South Road shared-use bridge identified

The concept solution for the shared-use path over South Road at Glandore has been identified, with works commencing on the detailed design phase ahead of the commencement of rectification works. Read more.

Glenelg Tram Overpass at night

Recognition of Dr Moxham's contribution

Engineers from the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Aurecon have met with Dr Moxham to discuss the Critical Buckling Load issue that he raised with the Public Works Committee in his paper on the potential Elastic Instability of the South Road Tram Overpass Shared Path Bridge. The structural characteristics of the shared path bridge were discussed, in particular the super T girder which is restrained horizontally by the thrust bearings mounted to the keeper walls.

As part of the remediation works, the existing support system of thrust bearing and keeper walls will be replaced by tying/linking the shared path bridge to the adjacent tram bridge. All potential issues associated with the proposed solution were discussed in detail with Dr Moxham. All issues raised by Dr Moxham will be considered by the design and proof engineering teams as part of DPTI’s design process. This design process includes AECOM acting as the Bridge Designer for the remediation solution, Wallbridge & Gilbert acting as the independent Proof Engineer of the design. This team of specialists will be supplemented by Aurecon acting as DPTI’s Independent Design Reviewer.

DPTI thanks Dr Moxham for his contribution towards the project and for his interest in delivering the most efficient and effective solution for South Australia.

The South Road Upgrade - Glenelg Tram Overpass project was announced as part of the 2007-08 State budget as an important step in the State Government's plan to transform South Road into Adelaide’s dedicated north-south corridor between the Southern and Port River Expressways.  The project has successfully reduced queue lengths at the South Road / ANZAC Highway intersection and increased safety for pedestrian users.

The project has provided pedestrian access to the elevated platform by lifts and stairs and across South Road, good tram and bus connections, a secure and user friendly area, and a facility that incorporates landscaping and urban design in character with the local area.