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Bald Hills Road Interchange


The Australian and State Governments and the District Council of Mount Barker allocated $27 million to construct a new interchange on the South Eastern Freeway at Bald Hills Road, Mount Barker. See announcement here:

The new interchange will improve travel times and road safety for commuters travelling to the east side of Mount Barker and reduce congestion in Mount Barker.

South Australian company, Bardavcol Pty Ltd, has been awarded the contract to design and construct the first full interchange to be built on the Freeway in almost 20 years. Initial estimates led to the department proposing building the on and off ramps for traffic travelling to and from Adelaide only. However, it was found, through the competitive tendering process that a full interchange could be constructed within the announced budget.

A new roundabout will also be installed at the junction of the Old Princes Highway and Bald Hills Road to improve safety and accommodate increased traffic volumes. Old Princes Hwy junction with Bald Hills Rd-Roundabout Plan.

Construction of the off ramp from Adelaide, and the on ramp for traffic travelling to the east, will involve works on the northern side of the Freeway. 

The department completed the engineering and environmental surveys and prepared a concept based on the scheme prepared by the District Council of Mount Barker in 2008-09. You can read about the earlier work by the Mount Barker Council here:

You can view the current design for the interchange here Base Plan with Aerial-Layout.

Bardavcol Pty Ltd will further develop this design for construction. The department does not expect any substantial changes.


As with any departmental infrastructure projects involving new roads or major upgrades, noise modelling was undertaken to predict future noise impacts of the project. 

The department’s consultant, AECOM, has confirmed that noise levels (based on modelling) will not exceed the department’s Road Traffic  Noise Guidelines (2007) and therefore no noise attenuation is required. You can view the noise fact sheet Bald Hills Road Interchange - Noise Mitigation Plan Report - Summary.  The full Noise Report is available here (PDF, 16.7 MB).  The department will undertake noise measurements as part of a post completion review in 2017, approximately 12 months after the project is completed.

Vegetation Removal

While the interchange design has been developed with the aim of minimising vegetation removal, it is unavoidable to remove a number of trees and other vegetation  to make way for the interchange.  Some vegetation was removed in early December 2014.  Further vegetation was removed prior to major works beginning.  Large logs will be donated to the District Council of Mount Barker for landscape works within the council district.

A landscape scheme is also part of the project. It is based on local native plant species and will complement the surrounding landscape character, taking into account its biodiversity values.

The department will also meet its obligations under the Native Vegetation Act - Significant Environmental Benefit offset requirements, through a substantial payment into the Native Vegetation Fund.

To view the artist impressions of the new Bald Hills Road Interchange see below:

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