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Outer Harbor / Grange line

Outer Harbor

The Outer Harbor railway line shares part of its run with the Grange line and, between Adelaide Railway Station and the Port Adelaide Junction, is the oldest section of railway in Adelaide.  

Outer Harbor and Grange line closure January 2 - January 23 2017

DPTI undertook a range of works during January 2017 worth in excess of $44m to ensure reliable and efficient rail services along the Outer Harbor and Grange lines. These works were timed to coincide with the lowest patronage period of the year, and corresponded with construction works for the rail overpass at South Road.  

Click here to view time lapse footage of the Port River rail bridge upgrade.

The program of works included:

  • a $4 million upgrade of the century-old Port River rail bridge  
  • replacement of track on the Grange line between Woodville station and Port Road
  • essential maintenance works on three level crossings
  • station upgrades at
    • Grange
    • Taperoo
    • Peterhead
    • Ethelton
    • Cheltenham
    • Croydon
    • West Croydon
    • as well as continuation of upgrade works at Albert Park
  • early works for the Torrens Junction rail project
  • signal and power cable replacement at various locations
  • vegetation and weed control activities
  • switch timber replacements at Glanville Station
  • Railcare art works at a number of locations
  • essential preventative maintenance and inspection activities.

Should you require further information about rail maintenance activities, please visit .

Port River Bridge at dusk